Our FAVORITE Rubber Spatula!
Our FAVORITE Rubber Spatula!

Our FAVORITE Rubber Spatula!

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Have you ever emptied the dishwasher and your rubber spatula started leaking dishwasher water where the seam was?  Ew!  Gross!  We had that same problem and Michelle went on a search for the best spatula out there.  She's pretty picky when it comes to kitchen products.  And when she found this one, it was love at first wash!

Not only can you use it on the stove or with your baking (it is sturdy enough to scrape the cookie dough off the side of the bowl - one of Michelle's requirements!), it is all one seamless piece and will never leak gross dishwasher water onto your food.

It is one of our must-have's in the kitchen.  Grab yourself one, or maybe two or three - you'll wish you had them once you try them!