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About Us

Michelle, owner of The Cookie Kitchen Bakery, has always had a love of baking.  From the time she was 12 years old, Michelle would make cookies every Sunday for her family.  Now she has turned that love into a thriving business!  From baking lots and lots of amazing cookies for her customers to the release of her first recipe book, Michelle has a mission to share her love of homemade food with others.  And she is able to do it all from her licensed home bakery.

The Cookie Kitchen Bakery opened it’s doors in 2013, starting out making cookies for a drive-thru soda shop in southern Utah.  In 2015, The Cookie Kitchen Bakery opened its hypothetical doors to the public and expanded from selling only sugar cookies to selling all kinds of amazingly delicious specialty cookies.  The business now specialize in all kinds of home-baked cookies, made from scratch and with real, high quality ingredients. They feature a Cookie of the Week, cookie kits for holidays, online baking classes and now, a recipe book.

Michelle is so excited to share her love of baking with you!  Bringing families together in the kitchen, creating memories, and eating (and enjoying!) what you made together is what baking is all about.